Nikki holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College, an M.Ed. in Arts in Learning from Endicott College, and a B.A in Dance from Point Park University. She is the Coordinator of Dance and an Assistant Professor of the Dance Program at Endicott College. Nikki has performed with many dance companies and organizations including, Peter DiMuro's Public Display of Motion, Quicksilver Dance, Danny Swain Dance Company, The Boston Celtics Dance Team, and has danced and choreographed for Monkeyhouse of Boston, MA. Dancing for these companies, Nikki has performed in many festivals including Montreal Fringe (Canada), Dumbo Dance (Brooklyn NY), NACHMO (Boston, MA) and Cool New York (Brooklyn, NY) among other professional dance venues and shows. Her professional choreography has been shown at NACHMO of Boston, MA,  Dumbo Dance in NYC, a site-specific location in Salem MA, and Dance in the Fells (Medford, MA). Nikki has also taught and choreographed work for the American College Dance Association Festivals.


As a choreographer and facilitator, Nikki explores honesty in movement when making work while being in tandem with the concept/theme of interest. She values the ability to collaborate with other artists outside of dance to create an aesthetically layered work, using multi-media and an interdisciplinary perspective. Nikki aspires to fuse organic and technical movement, other elements of physical storytelling, emotion, music, visual art, lighting, and uncommon spaces when tackling a topic of interest.  She believes the individuality of each dancer and collaborator can impact the process and outcome of a work, and truly enjoys the unexpected twists and turns when making work with others. Nikki aims to create interesting work that is holistically challenging for the performer while reaching audience members on an intellectual and visceral level.


“Space and time do not separate but connect us to all that exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist.” –Deepak Chopra